Could it get any worse than losing your son?

On 22nd July, 2010 Kevin Milstein experienced a moment in time that no parent ever wants to go through nor deserves to. The loss of his 14-year-old son Reagan. Reagan was a popular, healthy kid who loved sport and particularly football (soccer) and had a heart dedicated to making the world a better place with […]

Partners succeed at United Soccer Coaches Convention 2023 partners SICS Video Analysis and gpexe GPS Tracking both enjoyed fantastic times in Philidelphia for the 2023 United Soccer Coaches Convention this month. Exhibiting throughout the weekend, the attendance was great and motivation for new technologies to improve the development phase of the game was well noted on the agenda for the season ahead. […]

How differing 3D movement assessments compare

A blog by Graham Dudley, video by Glenn Bilby Subjective assessment by an experienced clinician is often the best solution available for many reasons one being a lack of confidence and understanding of the accuracy or the output data. It is unfair to expect a professional to be able to keep up to date on […]

The limits of acceleration

A blog by Graham Dudley When it comes to the application of technology, I am always excited when “out of the box thinking” is applied and this is certainly the case by Cristian Osgnach of Exelio Srl in his focus on limits of acceleration using GPS tracking on athletes. The acute differences in thinking logically around how an athlete […]