How differing 3D movement assessments compare

A blog by Graham Dudley, video by Glenn Bilby

Subjective assessment by an experienced clinician is often the best solution available for many reasons one being a lack of confidence and understanding of the accuracy or the output data. It is unfair to expect a professional to be able to keep up to date on development within their specific field and know every technology on the market too. This is where great products like Qinematic MoovmentScan can take the slack.

The video below is a great example of the differences (or similarities) between technologies to ensure that the user understands limitations of deviation and error (another great learning point in the GPTQA Level 1 training module).

Source of video: – Qinematic (recorded 2017)

“Anxiety is a fear of the unknown”. If you are interested in understanding more about how MoovmentPro can assist your professional development, your team of clinicians or your personal rehabilitation contact us directly to discuss the system, its advantages and pricing.



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